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E-portfolio reflections

Posted: September 22, 2011 in EpCoP MOOC

I have been thinking about eportfolios over the last number of weeks but as usual I have not been updating my blog with these thoughts. This is a habit that I really want to start including in my learning process.

As I have been discussing eporfolios and looking at others examples I have definitely been inspired to not only create my own (i have been quite slack with getting this done, however I want to take with this rather than just jump in head first) but also to examine how students at my school can benefit from creating them. In my educational context there is a strong push towards student safety and therefore they may need to create their eportfolios behind a walled garden. However, as long as the tool that is used in creation is easily transferrable after the student leaves the school then it will be useful in the long term rather than just a school-based activity or assessment.

Recently I was listening to Joyce Valenza on the EdTech Crew talking about students producing for real audiences and gaining control of their digital footprint. I am a firm believer in giving students opportunities or at the very least giving guidance on how to not only keep themselves safe online, but also to use the medium to put their best foot forward and show the range of interests and skills that they have gained. As she was sharing her passionate thoughts on this topic I couldn’t help thinking that one of the ways to be able to achieve this is in an organized and powerful way was through the use of an eportfolio.

I have come to the realization that eportfolios are a way to take control of the information about yourself and put it forward in an organized and useful manner for anybody who cares to have a look.


EpCoP MOOC Level 1

Posted: August 7, 2011 in EpCoP MOOC

I feel that I have been a bit slack with keeping up with learning about e-portfolios, though in reflection I have learnt a lot over the last week about what e-portfolios are and how they can be used. It is amazing to think that they are more than just virtual folders of information but contain evidence of learning from a variety of sources and tools. They are so much versatile than paper and folders and can show information and of course learning in so many and varied ways.

Fortunately when I check the level 1 for the EpCoP MOOC, I had already completed most of them. There is so much to learn about e-portfolios and I am eager to continue this journey to build on the knowledge that I have already gained about what they are. It wil be a challenge to get everything completed but the rewards certainly outweigh any difficulties and pushing to get through. I am becoming more and more convinced that e-portfolios in whatever form are a vital part of the future of e-learning and more importantly, life-long learning.

I hope to share more of my learning in this blog in the coming week as I often don’t stop to consider sharing but keep pressing on with the next step. I becoming convinced that I need to take a breather more often as I am exploring and enhancing my own e-learning to help others to also benefit from my time and effort. One can hope.

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