Purpose for my E-Portfolio – Answering the Why Question

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

What is the purpose of this portfolio? As a first e-portfolio it is difficult to narrow down exactly what this is for except to say that it will help to document my e-learning. I am also thinking of adding another page that will focus on my skills and learning thus far including my certificates, presentations, past positions and jobs. However, for the moment I just want to experiment with the idea of an e-portfolio by documenting my learning in what they are and best practice.

This week I watch Helen Barrett’s “Blurring the Boundaries” presentation and found it reinforced and inspired my desire to work on an personal learning e-portfolio. I have embedded the video from YouTube below if you haven’t seen it yet.

I wonder sometimes about the journey that I have taken so far in e-learning and sometimes wish I had started linking and collecting earlier as there are so many inspiring and useful resources that I have probably forgotten. We live in an age where we can record and glance back over, not only the photos in the shoebox or the documents in a folder, but document on all of the major events in our lives that can easily be recalled, viewed and stored again. Creating an e-portfolio will allow me to document and reflect on where I have been in the future and help guide where I am going. Hopefully, also, others will follow, lead, discuss, collaborate and ultimately learn.


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