EpCoP MOOC Level 1

Posted: August 7, 2011 in EpCoP MOOC

I feel that I have been a bit slack with keeping up with learning about e-portfolios, though in reflection I have learnt a lot over the last week about what e-portfolios are and how they can be used. It is amazing to think that they are more than just virtual folders of information but contain evidence of learning from a variety of sources and tools. They are so much versatile than paper and folders and can show information and of course learning in so many and varied ways.

Fortunately when I check the level 1 for the EpCoP MOOC, I had already completed most of them. There is so much to learn about e-portfolios and I am eager to continue this journey to build on the knowledge that I have already gained about what they are. It wil be a challenge to get everything completed but the rewards certainly outweigh any difficulties and pushing to get through. I am becoming more and more convinced that e-portfolios in whatever form are a vital part of the future of e-learning and more importantly, life-long learning.

I hope to share more of my learning in this blog in the coming week as I often don’t stop to consider sharing but keep pressing on with the next step. I becoming convinced that I need to take a breather more often as I am exploring and enhancing my own e-learning to help others to also benefit from my time and effort. One can hope.

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