First Screenr Presentation – Wordle

Posted: July 25, 2011 in presentation, tutorials

Tonight I thought I would bite the bullet and record my first Screenr tutorial on the basics of creating a Worlde word cloud using the text from the Electronic Portfolio Wikipedia page. It took a few tries to get it to a stage I was happy, but I think in the end it was worth the effort. I think I could do more to develop my skills in this area but consider this a good first try.

What do you think? What is good about this Screenr? How could I improve?

  1. wmjrnichols says:

    Very good! Makes me want to try out Screenr – I liked how you were able to give the viewer an active walk through the process. I used Adobe presenter some time ago but I cant remember it allowing me show the cursor or the selection procedure (maybe it does but I never used it!). I was impressed how natural you sounded my early efforts with Adobe didnt go anywhere because I always sounded so wooden!
    Improvements?: Personally at the end while selecting items from the drop down tabs I would have gone slower and said: this XXX tab gives a range of options (and show each one for the orientation and a selection for the font and coulours) without the “dont like this one” ype comments but this I guess that comes down to individual style and the audience. A summary at the end about the uses wordles come be put to and more really attractive examples might further encourage the listener to explore further.

    • sdpankhurst says:

      Hi Wafa, Thanks for the suggestions, I do appreciate the time you took to watch and put forward your thoughts, and will take those ideas onboard. I especially like the idea of having other examples and ideas of uses for Wordles as encouraging others to explore them further of course is the goal of the presentation. Thanks again for your time.

      • coachcarole says:

        Hi Simon, now I can view your screenr tutorial on Wordle – looks and sounds really great. Wafa’s encouraging improvements are obviously striking a chord for you. You’ve inspired me now to go and create some wordles for the MOOC levels, wonder how they will work!

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